Meet the Team

Sheika Dowagagee – Reporter



Sheika is passionate about travel and exploration. She has been to only 14 countries so far but she wants to become a successful journalist and discover the whole world. She likes leopards and walking with lions. She spends too much of her time on social media and is an expert in managing her phone battery.

Olivier Sylvestre – Reporter


Olivier likes dogs and international politics. He is addicted to his smartphone and social media, which makes him a good millennial.

Sarah Jesmer – Reporter


Sarah aspires to create, to explore,  and to learn more about what other humans care about with the help of journalism. She would also like to give a shout out to Instagram and the free access to Final Cut in the journalism department that help make her feel like a real media guru (but in reality, she just spends too much time editing pictures and videos).

Derek Swales – Host


Derek is a healthy guy who is aware of the things he puts in his body. He’s also very smart when it comes to his finances, frequently contributing to his RRSP’s despite his young age. He always looks at his phone during awkward situations and feels naked on the bus whenever he forgets his earphones.

Jordan Stoopler – Host


Jordan is one of the hosts of Generation Y Not. He enjoys being able to produce quality work that has an impact on the audience and hopes that this report resonates with you as much as it did with him.

Juliana Salaun – Assignment Editor


Juliana enjoys reading and writing about current affairs and issues that shape the world.  She is a #millennial who lives the #GoodLife (also she might overuse hashtags from time to time)

 Adriano Valente – Online Producer


Adriano enjoys watching sports and following up on news online. He makes sure he always has a connection just in case, even though he knows that more often than not it’s his mom calling.

Sarah Peerless – Show Packager


Sarah enjoys spending a minimum of ten hours per day on the internet to stay updated on the latest memes. She likes long walks to the kitchen to get snacks and romantic photos of sunsets on beaches she’ll never visit in real life. She’s also a proud LGBT member, because the closet is so 2012.



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